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Welcome to Fueled Garage. My name is Toby Lewis and I have been a car enthusiast since before I was able to drive. My love of cars started in high school (in the Rad 80s) when you didn’t have to have 10 grand to buy a project that you could push into your garage. My first car was a 1967 Plymouth Sport Fury. The “Sport” meant it was a 2-door with bucket seats and a center console. The sport title was its only redeeming factor. Aside from that it was a huge car, which at the time was not that cool but it had a V8 and lots of room for friends so I was in. I was officially a car guy. Since then I have participated in various aspects of the hobby and business and I will get into that more later but for now let me explain what Fueled Garage is all about. My goal with Fueled Garage is to dig deep into the hot rodding hobby to find out what fuels peoples passion for car and hopefully generate some new interest as well. With all of the car building shows, kids these days think that you have to spend $20K on a ’67 Camaro and another $20K just to make it respectable. Hot rodding is more than spending a big bag of cash on a car. It is a lifestyle and passion that drives its participants to modify and customize their creations to reflect their unique personality. I paid 400 bucks for that ’67 Fury and another $400 on shocks and tires and I was in the game. My first modification was to install an Audiovox AM/FM cassette player, EQ booster combo and a set of Pioneer 6×9 speakers. That was 30 years ago and the project budgets have grown but that feeling of driving my car for the first time after installing new shocks and cranking the Def Leppard through the Pioneer coaxes remains the same.

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