Our custom wiring installations add value to your project in many ways. Aside from performing a safe and clean wiring installation, we go the extra mile in many areas to insure that the wiring will last the lifetime of the vehicle.

We also specialize in custom interior fabrication and audio system installation. We design the audio system while taking the total wiring solution into consideration, similar to how the OEMs would approach it. You end up with an engineered, world class audio system, that is truly integrated into the vehicle instead of an afterthought.

We can also fabricate custom door panels, center consoles, trunk trim panels and interior trim panels then work with the best upholstery shops in Southern California to do all the stitching.

  • All harnesses are wrapped in either braided wire sleeve or harness tape that provides additional protection as well as adding a custom look.
  • Whenever possible, we have one continuous run to the end termination. For example, we don’t splice the old lighting bulb socket wires to the new harness. The correct OEM type connector is installed right at the bulb. Every connection is a potential point of failure so we reduce risk by reducing the number of connections. In rare cases where we need to spice a wire we use quality crimp/heat shrink connectors. If the connection is outside of the vehicle we use adhesive lined heat shrink to keep out the elements.
  • Any connections added in the engine compartment, along the chassis or in the rear quarter panels are weatherproofed with special heat shrink, weatherproof connectors and/or relays.
  • We evaluate the current requirements of each circuit and upgrade the wire, relays, and fusing as needed.
  • From the start of the project we design a custom wiring plan that takes all of your accessories, upgrades and custom additions into consideration so items added during the build look like they were designed in at the factory rather than added in later.


Contact Toby Lewis for a free consultation and personalized wiring plan.




Custom Interior Fabrication $100hr (plus materials)

Most upholstery shops no longer fabricate custom interior pieces other than basic flat or sculpted foam pieces. We will work with your upholstery shop or we can provide a finished product using upholstery shops that we partner with in Orange County. This includes fabrication of door panels, kick panels, package trays, trunk trim panels center consoles and speaker enclosures.

Custom Wiring/Custom Harness Building $75hr (plus parts)

Design and install a completely new wiring harness in your project vehicle including incorporating all of your non-stock accessories into the harness. We use harnesses from American Autowire as well as our own custom-built products. We do not install used wiring harnesses. If you have purchased a harness from someone else we must evaluate the quality before we will commit to installing it. We demand our wiring to outlast your car and we cannot ensure this with unproven products.

Interior Removal/Reinstallation $75hr

If your project is a rewire of a complete assembled vehicle (not a project build) we can remove and reinstall your interior to access the wiring or you can save some money if you are capable of doing this yourself.

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