Happy new year

Happy New Year and welcome to Fueled Garage! This is my little space in the digital world and my small contribution to the car hobby. I have been involved in hot rodding in one form or another since the 80s and I have seen many changes, both good and bad. Car building shows on television (and now online) have brought car building and hot rodding to the mainstream but they have also taught us some interesting lessons. It’s possible to build a show car in 7 days if you throw 37 people at it and piles of sponsors and money. Anyone can flip cars for profit regardless of talent and ability. All you need to build your dream car is an artist rendering and a friend that can get your car in their SEMA booth. Yes, they have brought some not-so-reality to reality TV but there is also some truth in car TV. There are a few keyboard warriors out there that love to bash car TV and tell the world that it is all fake. While some of the drama and timelines might be somewhat staged, the late nights and bloody knuckles are very real. What I think is most absent from car TV are real world projects with real budget and time limits. Sure car TV has made car building look cool but only if you have mad metal shaping skills and a 572 crate engine to drop in your ride. My goal with this space is to bring real world knowledge, ideas and upgrades to improve your ride. The way to your dream project is by conquering one small task at a time. Maybe your project is a runner that you are improving as you go or a rolling chassis and a box of parts. Fueled Garage will strive to provide useful tech tips and product reviews to help our followers as well as local event coverage to support the local car culture. The car culture is still alive and well, there is just a larger gap between those who are involved and those that aren’t. It starts with getting out there and working on your ride. It can be as small as upgrading your speakers to adding electronic fuel injection. The joy comes from making the improvement and then experiencing the result. What’s in your garage?

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